The Most Misunderstood Tarot Cards & What They Actually Mean

Why Misinterpretations Occur:

Tarot cards often carry more profound meanings than their surface interpretations suggest. At The Argyle Oracle, your leading psychic centre in the Rocks, Sydney, we’re dedicated to demystifying these symbols to reveal the true wisdom of the Tarot.

Pop culture and lack of context contribute to common Tarot card misconceptions. The true meanings often hinge on the card’s position in a spread and the intuitive connection of the reader, like our founder, Helen Beckman.

The Death Card:

Contrary to popular belief, the Death card symbolizes transformation and new beginnings, not physical death. It’s about the metaphorical death of an aspect of your life and the positive change that can come from letting go.

The Devil Card:

The Devil card speaks to the self-imposed bindings and negative patterns we struggle with, not an external malevolent force. Understanding this card is a step towards breaking free from these limitations.

The Tower Card:

Though it signifies upheaval, the Tower also represents the profound growth that comes from such disruption. It’s about rebuilding stronger and wiser from the ashes of the unexpected.

The Hanged Man Card:

This card is about pause and reflection, not ominous delay. The Hanged Man encourages seeing things from a new perspective and finding wisdom in surrender.

The Ten of Swords Card:

Despite its grim imagery, the Ten of Swords suggests that a difficult cycle is ending. It’s a card of hope, signaling recovery and a brighter future.

Understanding Tarot Context and Intuition:

Tarot is deeply personal, with meanings influenced by the spread’s context and the reader’s intuition. A flexible approach, as used in our Tarot card readings at The Argyle Oracle, allows for richer, more personal guidance.


Misunderstood Tarot cards are gateways to hidden wisdom and personal growth. We invite you to explore their true meanings with an open mind through a reading at The Argyle Oracle or by learning from experienced psychics like Helen Beckman.