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Welcome to the Argyle Oracle, an established Sydney psychic centre founded in 1993. Home to some of the best clairvoyants, mediums and psychics in Sydney and Australia. If you’re looking for a trusted working clairvoyant, medium or psychic to guide you through your past, present and future, you’ve come to the right place. 

Psychic readings are held every day in private rooms at our psychic centre in The Rocks, Sydney. Would you like to connect with a relative or family member that has passed on, need answers about your career, love or a relationship? We are here to help and to guide you down the right path. We have professionals adept at Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology and Numerology among others, check out our glowing testimonials below. 

Our Psychic Services

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot reading is a practice that dates back to Medieval Europe, tarot card reading is performed by a skilled tarot reader and provides insight into the past, present or future using a deck consisting of 78 tarot cards.


A psychic reading can help you determine your life's path and review your priorities through the use of heightened perceptive abilities. Make a booking today for a psychic reading in Sydney at our location in the Rocks.


An immensely popular alternative treatment, spiritual healing is a gentle but powerful way in which a skilled practitioner directs their energy into their client’s body to affect healing.

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Astrology is the name given to the practice of studying the positions of celestial bodies, such as planets and stars, and the impact they have

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What is Palmistry

Palmistry-also referred to as Chiromancy-is the art of interpreting a person’s characteristics, personality traits, and predictions of their future from the physical features of their

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Psychic Reading Classes

Do you want to tap into your psychic potential with the help of one of our leading psychics? We’ve helped people just like you get in touch with their spirit guides and angels, learn to give accurate psychic readings, tarot readings and more.

Whether you want to learn more about developing your psychic abilities, reading astrological systems (eastern and western), palms reading, tarot card reading, clairvoyant reading, face reading or more. We can help! At the Argyle Oracle we offer a variety of different workshops and courses which will give you the guidance you need to help develop your own psychic abilities.


We have psychics specialising in corporate and private events. They are adept at palm reading, astrology and tarot cards and will definitely delight and surprise any crowded room.

When you hire a psychic from the Argyle Oracle you can be assured of an event that will be talked about for years. With our opulent gypsy costumes and mystical backdrops, we add magic to any party. After all, no-one can resist the opportunity to have their fortune foretold.

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Every day, we hold psychic readings in our private rooms at our psychic centre in The Rocks in Sydney. Are you interested in energy healing, developing your intuition, taking a tarot class or learning how to read a tarot deck?  We can help you find the right path and offer clarity and guidance.

Here at The Argyle Oracle you will find some of the best psychic reading, medium, and clairvoyant services on offer in Sydney NSW. Whether you are looking to get a reading from a psychic medium or you’re interested in our psychic development courses, contact us and we’ll endeavour to assist you on your spiritual path.