Tarot for Creativity: Using Cards to Overcome Creative Blocks

We’ve all been there—a looming deadline, a blank canvas, a story that just won’t write itself. Creative blocks are common, yet intensely frustrating. The good news is that tarot cards can be an incredible tool to unlock your creative potential and inspire new ideas.

The Basics of Tarot

Before diving in, let’s get familiar with tarot. Originating hundreds of years ago, tarot has served both divinatory and symbolic purposes. A standard tarot deck consists of 78 cards divided into the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, each containing various suits and archetypes. Contrary to popular belief, tarot isn’t merely a tool for predicting the future; it’s a versatile instrument for introspection and creativity.

How Tarot Relates to Creativity

Tarot can be a deeply spiritual and insightful experience. Each card serves as a symbol, a narrative, and an emotion, encapsulating experiences that can relate to your artistic journey. Several artists and writers have claimed to use tarot to break free from their creative restraints, such as Salvador Dalí and Niki de Saint Phalle, finding inspiration in the cards’ intricate imagery and metaphors.

Ways to Use Tarot for Creative Blocks

Single-Card Draw

Sometimes, simplicity is key. A single-card draw can give you focused advice or inspiration. Pull a card when you’re feeling stuck and spend a few minutes reflecting on its symbolism. Ask yourself, how can the themes of this card be integrated into my project?

Three-Card Spread

For a more comprehensive understanding of your creative block, try a three-card spread that represents past influences, current challenges, and future possibilities. This spread can offer actionable insights, helping you move past your barriers.

Custom Spreads for Creativity

Don’t limit yourself to traditional tarot spreads; tailor them to your creative project. For instance, if you’re a writer, you might design a spread to explore the narrative arc of your story.

Practical Tips

  • Shuffling and Drawing: Make sure to shuffle the cards while concentrating on your creative project or block. Then draw the cards as you feel intuitively led to do.
  • Keeping a Tarot Journal: Document your readings and any insights or ideas that come to you. This practice will help you track your creative journey.
  • Non-divinatory Interpretation: You don’t have to be a psychic to use tarot for creativity. The cards serve as visual prompts, not predictions of the future.

Commonly Useful Tarot Cards for Creativity

Some cards naturally resonate with the creative process. For example:

  • The Magician: Symbolizes creative power and manifestation.
  • The Fool: Represents new beginnings and free spirit.
  • The High Priestess: Invites you to trust your intuition.

Explore how these cards can help you address specific creative challenges such as idea generation or collaboration.


Creativity is not always a straightforward path. Sometimes it’s tangled, full of dead ends, and frustrating. But tools like tarot cards offer a unique way to navigate through these challenges. We invite you to keep an open mind and embrace the blend of intuition and symbolism that tarot provides.

The team at The Argyle Oracle is here to help you through the process, offering support and expertise.