Psychic Readings

Psychic readings can help you discern information about your life, personal relationships, business, and more in a private or group setting.

French Fortune Telling Cards

French fortune telling cards can help you discover information about your future with the assistance of a skilled card reader.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing allows a skilled healer to perform healing on your spirit to cure spiritual distress and improve your life.

Tarot Card Readings

Used since the 15th century, tarot readings help divine your future with the help of a deck of 78 cards and a skilled tarot card reader.


Palmistry is the practice of using the palm of their hand to predict their future or reveal other information about their life.


Astrology is a method of determining detailed information about your personality, life, and future by the positioning of the stars and planets.


A skilled medium can act as a mediator between living people and those who have passed on using a variety of methods.


Numerology helps people determine information about their life, past, future, personality, and relationships by using numbers.

Chinese Astrology

A Chinese astrologer can use the Chinese zodiac to reveal accurate information about your present life, past and future.