Humans have always had a fascination with hands, and how could they not? Our hands have allowed our species to rise to great heights through the utilization of tools. With hands featuring prominently in Neolithic art, the hand has always been a powerful symbol in the human psyche, particularly the palm of the hand. Palmistry, also called Chiromancy, is the ancient art of divining the future through studying the palm of the hand. Palmists can be found in every country in the world and within every culture, and there are thousands upon thousands of books written about the subject—some of which are more accurate than others. Gleaming insight from the palm begins with looking at the complexion of the skin itself. Ideally, palms should be rosy and pink, as this is an indicator of good circulation. Palms with a blueish tint indicate poor circulation. The dominant hand is generally seen as the hand of current and future trends, while your passive hand provides insight on past events and childhood in particular. Palmistry’s core is all about reading the lines on the hand. Everyone has a different pattern, and women tend to have more lines on their hands than men. Most hands have what we call the “four major lines”, or the head, heart, life, and fate lines; although, only some people have a fate line. You might have questions about ideal career choices, future decisions, or other important issues in your life, and insight can be provided by a skilled palmist who will read your hands at our Sydney psychic centre in a friendly, private setting. During your session with one of our professional palmists, everything is taken into account in regards to the shape, texture, and measurements of your hands. We will look at the intersection of your various major lines, the minor lines and other features on your palms, the length and shape of your fingers, the shape and texture of your nails, the height and shape of your mounts, the relative size of your fingers to your palms, and so much more. We offer a highly accurate palm-reading experience that will help you shine new lights on your future, your past, and your intersections with fate. Combined with any other method of divination, palmistry becomes even more powerful. We’ll help you gain a new perspective on your future, your past, and the current factors influencing your life and your decisions. One of our many talented palmists will give you a thorough palm-reading session at our psychic centre, which provides the perfect environment for detailed readings. Whether you’re looking for information on your future, your present, or your past, we’ll help you gain a new perspective in a positive, friendly environment.