Helen Beckman


Tarot Card Reader

Availability: Saturday


Having had a long corporate career, Brian is very good at advising on the practical issues of life. His quiet, yet charming demeanour will put you at ease while his experience will help guide you forward with confidence and perspective.


Clairvoyant Tarot Readings, Spiritual Counselling, Past Life Regression & Behavioural Kinesiology

Availability: Saturday, Sunday


With nearly 20 years experience in wholistic therapy David is a skilful and intuitive practitioner who calls on proven techniques to achieve clarity, heal ongoing hurts and replenish the spirit. Through careful synthesis of a variety of disciplines David employs a pragmatic approach tailored to the individuals needs of clients to help clear the blockages in their life.


Intuitive Tarot, Numerology and Healing

Availability: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday


Sush has a pleasant and caring way about her. Her readings are crisp, purposeful and packed with insights, healing and meditation if required. She enlightens you with deeper, often unconscious reasons about your challenges, internal blocks and unhealthy patterns in your life. Her focus is to enable you to move forward and achieve your dreams. She offers readings in English and Hindi.


Palmistry, Tarot and Playing Cards

Availability: Saturday, & Thursday


Camilla uses her insight to inspire you to move forward. Showing you the next opportunity for growth both spiritually, in career and relationships and sometimes challenges to be met and overcome. Humour, straight talking and caring all form part of her approach.


Psychic Tarot Reader

Availability: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday & for phone readings on Thursday.


Petra has been a psychic for over 30 years. Petra is a light worker and spiritual advisor. She believes life is a learning ground – we are all here to learn. All her readings are strong and direct and principally about you. Where she feels and identifies a blockage in your life – be it an attitude, painful experience or a need for a change of perspective – she will give you the tools to transform.


Tarot, Astrology & Palmistry

Availability: Available daily


Helen began in 1967. The focus for her readings are the areas of work, health and relationships – bringing clarity, focus and direction to these aspects of life. Understanding the dynamics, offering perspective and then arriving at the best course of action for you to pursue is her goal. Helen teaches Tarot and Psychic Development and have presented lectures to business in the use of Intuition.