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Tea leaf reading, also known as tasseography, is a powerful form of fortunetelling or divination through the skilled interpretation of patterns within tea leaves. In the 17th century, tea leaf reading began to emerge in western societies as a popular form of fortunetelling after tea began to be traded actively between China and European nations.

Thank you for some great reading. I know a number of staff came up to other people saying did you tell her that stuff about me. Have a great Christmas and wonderful New Year… Thank you so much for Saturday night. Thanks Helen, we are all truly grateful.

Allison Dando BoschSTAU/SAL

Your presence at the party certainly added to the magic of the night. My mum, daughters and their friends all LOVED their readings and said you were scarily accurate.

Alan (and Michelle, Alicia, Cassandra & Isabella) JonesGroup Reading

The process is tea leaf reading is very interesting. Once a cup of tea has been poured without the use of a tea strainer, the tea is either poured away or sipped. Secondly, the cup should be shaken and no liquid should remain within the cup. Tea readers at this point should look at the patterns formed within the cup to divine information from images in the leaves. Certain shapes may appear, such as letters or other symbols, landscapes, rings, hearts, and so on and so forth. Snakes represent falsehood of deception, spades represent fortune or success in business (particularly through industrial efforts), mountains represent the process of a journey or an obstacle, and estates represent financial and familial success or positive change. With so many different symbols that can emerge, a skilled tasseographer can divine the future through the utilization of various types of tea leaves.

We offer tea reading at our Sydney psychic centre. Come enjoy a fresh cup of tea with a talented tea reader and we will give you your fortune and a detailed interpretation of the symbols and patterns within the remains of the leaves. Similar to our coffee reading, tasseographic fortunetelling is a fun and relaxing way to get a peek into the near or distant future under the watchful eye of a practiced tea leaf reader.

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