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Face reading utilizes the principles behind physiognomy to learn information about the natures of others using only their facial characteristics. It involves the deep interpretation of faces, facial proportions, facial features, texture, color, and complexion to get a better picture of who a person is. Skilled physiognomists or face readers utilize a combination of surface-level observations with a deep understanding of the nature of facial features in order to reveal key information about an individual. We offer face reading services at our Sydney psychic centre for individuals who are interested in being analyzed by a professional face reader.

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The process typically begins with general observations. What is the size, shape, and texture of the forehead? Does it have wrinkles or other distinctive markings? How are the eyebrows shaped, in what direction do the hairs grow, and what is the length of the distance between the eyebrows—are they large or small? Is the nose rounded, pointed, bulbous, hawkish? What direction does the nose slope towards, is the bridge of the nose flat or angled, and does the nose have any distinctive marks, freckles, winkles, or strange coloration? Is the mouth round and full or small and gaunt? Do the lips protrude or are they quite hidden? What is the general shape and size of the mouth? How does hair grow on the head? Is the hair thick, sparse, and do cowlicks or patterns appear at particular places on the head? Are an individual’s eyes blue, green, brown, silver, hazel? What is the general shape of the head the face?

All of these questions and more are considered a general exploration of the physiognomy, and they are all held in consideration when divining the character and nature of a person through face reading. Physiognomical studies are one of the most powerful tools in determining personality and nature, and skilled face readers are shockingly accurate. Have you ever wanted to know more about yourself and get an outside perspective on who you are? Come to our Sydney psychic centre and you’ll be shocked at how well our face readers can pin down your personality and understand you to the deepest level. We offer a private, comfortable, and friendly setting for individuals of all walks of life at our Sydney location.

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