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Crystal ball reading is one of the most well-known and most misunderstood forms of fortune telling in the modern world. Crystal balls emerged in early European history through Celtic Druids who utilized beryl crystals to divine the future. Soothsayers in later European history utilized orbuculum to divine information and peer into the future. The practice continued well into the late history of the Roman Empire before the ancient practice was unfairly branded as heretical by the militaristic Roman Catholic church of the time. It saw a brief resurrection in the works of occult specialists like John Dee and other post-renaissance men and women of knowledge and wisdom.

Thank you for your amazing contribution to the ball last Friday night. You were a hit with the crowd and I have only heard very positive reports of people’s experiences. It was an extremely successful event, and a pleasure to work with you.

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Hi Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team who were here last week for the 2 Ladies Lunches, they did a great job again.

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The crystal ball was a popular feature of the macabre Victorian fortune telling booths, and the resurgence of the device into the public consciousness through Hollywood films and traveling circus troupes across America and Europe cemented it forever in the minds of the public. Despite the fact it has been parodied countless times in popular media, crystal ball reading remains one of the most powerful methods of divination, especially when utilized by someone who is particularly skilled with fortunetelling or divination.

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