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Coffee reading is one of the most ancient forms of European fortunetelling. When the Arabs first imported coffee into the Christian world from their Ethiopian territories, the idea of coffee reading sprung up from the bazaars at the crossroads of the East and West—Turkey. Turkish coffee reading was a popular form of divination in the Islamic world, and as coffee’s popularity grew in Christian countries and coffee houses were established in Europe’s greatest cities during the apex of the Enlightenment, it was natural that coffee reading came to be exported to Europe as well—especially since an interest in the occult soared in Europe during the Enlightenment period.

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There are many different varieties of coffee reading, but almost all of them require the coffee cup to be covered with a saucer before being tipped upside-down. Turkish coffee reading, the most ancient form of the art, interprets the cup as being composed of two horizontal sections. Symbols which appear in the bottom half of the cup are considered messages about the past, while symbols that appear in the top are considered to concern future events. There are many other different variations on the coffee ritual, such as Romanian, Arabic, Flemish, and Nordic.

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