Tarot Reading Sydney

Tarot Classes 20th of February to 27th of March

Welcome the new year and begin your psychic journey with our six week Tarot course! Each week our professional psychic will teach card interpretations, Tarot spreads and supervise practice sessions to help students read the future. By the end of class, students will be well on their way to becoming psychic readers.

When: 7 pm to 9:30 pm on Tuesdays from the 20th of February to the 27th of March 2018.

Location: The Argyle Oracle, 41 George Street, The Rocks.

The Guide: Helen Beckman, proprietor of the Argyle Oracle, has run tarot classes in both Australia and Asia and is a professional psychic. Helen believes that students require the opportunity to practice with one another under professional guidance to build confidence in their intuition from the beginning of their education.

Cost: $275 GST inclusive.

Course Structure

Week 1: History and Structure of the Tarot

Week 2: Major Arcana

Week 3: Introduction to the Minor Arcana, the Suit of Wands.

Week 4: The Suit of Cups & The Suit of Swords

Week 5: The Suit of Pentacles.

Week 6: Professional techniques & presentation.

Comprehensive course notes are provided and students will have multiple opportunities to practice reading for one another with feedback. Tarot classes are taught using the Rider Waite deck, but are applicable to any deck. Students can purchase Tarot Decks at the Argyle Oracle.

Tarot Classes

To book please call 9247 4982, or email helen@argyleoracle.com.au