Palmistry-also referred to as Chiromancy-is the art of interpreting a person’s characteristics, personality traits, and predictions of their future from the physical features of their palms. In much the same way that humans have looked to the skies and found relationships between the positions of celestial bodies and our comparatively mundane lives, palm readers have found similar connections between the attributes of our palms and our lives. In this manner, the human palm is seen as a localised projection of the universe.

One of the benefits of palmistry is that different interpretations of the features of a palm can be equally valid, meaning that you can develop your own style. That being said, becoming familiar with the historical methods and conventions can help you develop a vocabulary that will work for any person seeking a reading.

Getting Started With Palm Reading

Working big to small is typically a good approach to palm reading. Starting with larger observations about your subject and working down to finer detail will allow you to hone your craft and grow your understanding in a manageable way. There is some debate among modern palm readers over the importance of reading both the left and right hands, though common wisdom would suggest both should be read. As a general rule, the non-dominant hand will reveal a subject’s personality and character, while the dominant hand speaks more to the potential of the subject through their lifetime.

In the beginning, it is best to make silent observations. Cup the querent’s (the person whose palm is being read) hand in your own, feel the texture of it. Notice the finer details, like where it is rough, and where it is smooth. Make note of whether the fingers are clean. Don’t overlook anything, as there will be meaning to everything. As you grow as a reader, you will come to know these aspects intuitively, and will be able to interpret the meaning of even subtle details with ease.

Your next step should be to become familiar with the hand shapes that relate with the elemental forces of air, water, wind, and fire. Once you have mastered this, you can begin to familiarise yourself with the landscape of the hand. Learn the regions that relate to significant areas of your subject’s life. Learn how the various creases and lines of the hand can show you your subject’s future, their potential, and more.

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